CCFL 365nm nail curig UV lamps bulbs
分类: UV lamp  Publish Time: 2013-07-20 11:06 
CCFL 365nm nail curig UV lamps bulbs 1. High UV intensity. 2. Low brighness decrease, less than 20% after 2000hours. 3. 50000hours lifespan. 4. Can curing the nail within few minutes.
CCFL 365nm nail curig UV lamps bulbs


CCFL 365nm nail curig UV lamps bulbs


Lamp total length: 700mm

Lamp diameter: 88±3mm

Lamp tube diameter: 4mm

Wavelength: 365nm

Lamp shape: sprial

Power: 12W

Input voltage: 12V/24V/110V/220V

UV Intensity: 1.15mW/cm2

Lamp current: 12mA

Lamp voltage: 890V

Starting voltage: 950V

Steady time of lamp: 5mins

Working temperature: 0~65°C

Lifespan: 50000hours



1.  It is CCFL lamp,will be much more brightness than the normal uv lamps,can baking the nails in few second.

2.  Low power consumption and Heat distribution,can keep the machines use longer.

3. The lifespan is above 50,000 hours, you can avoid the troubles to change the tubes.

4.  Easy to make to all kinds of shapes, e.g. multi-U shape, Mosquito-repellent incense  shape,Sprial shape etc.



 Nail curing machine, Money detector, mosquito-lured lamps etc.